$$ SALE $$


Wooo!!! This is a great way to start your oil collection aka your new obsession. 5 days, 5 different bogo deals!

All about the BOGO:

How can I order?

The best way to ensure you get your bogo at the best price will be to set up a wholesale membership. Think of it like a costco membership only better. Its $42 for a year, you get 25% off all items, when it’s time for renewal the price drops to $30 and you get a free 15ml bottle of peppermint ($35 value)


Is there limited quantity? 

Yes! Each wholesale membership is allowed to order 5 bogo deals per account per day. Once the Canadian warehouse is out of stock you will have to purchase from the US warehouse which is a little more costly due to shipping and exchange.

When will we know what the deals are?

The deals will be posted every morning on our facebook group. Each offer lasts for 24 hours. Within those 24 hours your order must be placed and processed.


  • When ordering, don’t put both items in your cart. Put the “buy one” item in your cart and the “get one free” item will automatically be added. If you add both you will pay for and receive the “get one free” item twice. (I did this on the last bogo)
  • You cannot use products points to purchase the bogo deals.
  • Combine orders with family & friends to save on shipping.

We have a Facebook group set up for the bogo sale. We will be offering bogo deals at wholesale price to a certain number of people. This means you could possibly miss out on the deal of the day for wholesale price unless you have a membership.


We will be posting information on the products for each deal. With the purchase of a bogo deal you will be supplied with helpful information on how to use oils, tips, and recipes!

This only happens 2-3 times a year so get ready!!!!!

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