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Where do you apply this one?

“Where do you apply this one?” 

This is a commonly asked question when teaching about essential oils.

You can apply essential oils to almost anywhere on the body, It’s just a matter of doing it correctly without causing irritations.

Avoid body entry points, such as eyes and ears. If you get it in your eyes, use a carrier oil lightly around the corner of your eye. Do NOT use water. If you’re looking to use the oil for an ear issue, apply behind, outside and if necessary add oils to a cotton ball and set that just inside the lobe.

Applying essential oils safely is very important but also easy!

Always remember these key points:

  • Carrier oils will spread the oils further, they do NOT take away from the potency.
  • Essential Oils are volatile which means they change state quickly, rapidly absorbing into the skin, so using a carrier oil will help prolong the benefits of the oil.
  • There are oils that can be used neat, Lavender being an example, but it’s good practice to always dilute. This eliminates any potential sensitivities.
  • ALWAYS DILUTE HOT OILS!! (this is very important!!!)
  • Oils applied to sensitive skin, kids & the elderly need to be extra diluted.

Babies: 1 drop to 1 tablespoon
Children: 1 drop to 1 teaspoon
Adults: 3-6 drops to 1 teaspoon

  • Less & more – Use one drop multiple times daily instead of ten drops once.


One of the most beneficial places to apply an oil is on the bottom of your feet. The pores on the bottom of your feet are the biggest pores on your body, and they absorb the oils the fastest. In 30 seconds they have entered your bloodstream, and in 20 minutes they have reached every cell in your whole body!
The other reason to use the bottom of your feet would be the reflex points. Every part of your foot is a reflex point, this can often be used when applying an oil to help with an internal focus.
I use this method at least twice daily. Every morning I apply Balance, & every night before bed I apply my night-time blend (Serenity,Vetiver,& Balance).

Image result for reflexology
The next two best spots for absorbing are behind your ears, and on your wrists. These are quick absorbing areas. When I’m applying an oil for concentration or a mood change I use this method. This is also the common areas I use when I’m using the oils for the aroma. My go to is typically Whisper or Motivate. I apply it behind my ears, on my wrists, the back of my neck, as well as my pulse points. Pretty much all over hahaha.
When applying an oil to help with the brain, this could be a headache, clear the fog or to focus. Applying to the reflex point on the bottom of your feet, the back of your neck, your pulse points and over the heart are all awesome choices.
These are just some common ways, there are many many more, most depending on what you’re trying to achieve. The best books to use to enhance your knowledge are The Essential Life, and Modern Essentials.

Image result for my essential lifeImage result for modern essentials

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