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This all started for me with a small get together with friends. We had a lady bring her business of natural products to us. She talked about how easy it was, showed us how to make a scrub & allowed us to purchase products from her right there! I instantly fell in love (and spent a lot of money). A few months later, another friend hosted a doTERRA class, and that sealed my fate. Now, I’m learning all types of new things! *one being how to start a blog*

If you don’t know me personally, I am not the healthiest person. I LOVE sugar, I swallow my gum, I don’t exercise, I love eating any and mostly all carbs. But lately, little by little I notice that I crave more of the healthy lifestyle. It started with my day to day beauty products, now I want to use all natural cleaning products (ditching all the toxic chemicals), and adding things like spinach and kale to smoothies to use them as a meal replacement. It’s like a flow from one thing to the next and I have found it all to be such a shocking transformation for me!

I still have a long ways to go, and I hope our posts will cause you to get obsessed with this lifestyle as well.

With love,